martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

Half Erected Dinner

I shall never forget the unspeakable horror that froze the lymph in my gland when the baneful word seared my reeling brain: I was a cockroach nothing more i can say , tonight my death is coming from a size '10 leather shoe, falling down as the hammer of the vengeful god I insulted with the very existence of my libido, while covered in bug powder my letters give me the pleasure of being undercover, no one shall read my sentence, no one shall be my skull. For it is I that have forsaken these few words out of the hair and is in the casbah market that the centipedes proceed with their slimy knife-like feet making the sound of a complex showdown right above the street.

2 comentarios:

Josefina Styles dijo...

yo quiero ser una sonrisa en tu cara.

leer esto me hace pensar que elijo MUY BIEN a mis amigos.

Pepepipipopo dijo...

Jose tu ya eres una sonrisa en mi cara mi querida :D